"Epistemic akrasia and higher-order beliefs," Philosophical Studies (2020)

"Evidentialism and the problem of basic competence," Ergo (2022)

"A plea for exemptions," Erkenntnis (2022)

"Agentive modals and agentive modality: a cautionary tale," (with Robert H. Wallace) forthcoming in American Philosophical Quarterly

"Belief-level control," commissioned to appear in Philosophical Issues, annual supplement to Noûs

Book Chapters

"Conocimiento, justificación, y clausura en la epistemología de Sosa," (with Juan Comesaña) in David Perez Chico and Modesto Gómez Alonso (eds.), Ernesto Sosa: Conocimiento y Vertud (2021), Zaragoza University Press

"Knowledge from blindspots," (with Juan Comesaña and Rhys Borchert) forthcoming in Rodrigo Borges and Ian Schnee (eds.), Illuminating Errors: New Essays on Knowledge from Non-Knowledge, Routledge

Recent Talks

Obstacles to knowledge, Stirling Philosophy Visiting Speaker Seminar, November 2022

Obstacles to knowledge, LOGOS Research Group in Analytic Philosophy, November 2022

Quality of thought, Lund Gothenburg Responsibility Project, October 2022

Obstacles to knowledge, COGITO Speaker Series, September 2022

Quality of thought, Pacific APA colloquium, April 2022

Comments on "Dressed with Intent: Gender Conferralism and Trans Expression of Intention to Pass," Arizona Feminist Philosophy Graduate Conference, March 2022

Comments on "The Problem of Induction: A Nyaya Response," Central APA colloquium, February 2022

Quality of thought, Free will, Moral Responsibility, and Agency Conference at FSU, February 2022

Agentive modals and agentive modality: a cautionary tale (with Robert H Wallace), Agency and Intentions in Language Workshop at Harvey Mudd, January 2022

Under Review and In Progress

A paper on the defeasibility of know-how*

A paper on epistemic excuses*

A paper on knowing what one is doing as one does it*

A paper on epistemic abilities*

A paper on the connection between intentional action and know-how*

A paper on the epistemology of skill

A paper on being in a position to know

A paper on Frankfurt cases in epistemology and action theory

A paper on doxastic control

* = under review